Sunday, April 14, 2013

Charmed Creations Hot Air Balloon Review

I received the Hot Air Balloon including 3 love kiss poses from Charmed Creations to review. I saw this in their store and I just thought it was too cute not to get one. Not only is it cute but its a great price you can't beat. Mizzy was a pleasure getting to know and helped where she could. Now upfront just know this balloon doesn't fly its more for those cute posing pictures with your partner. I was surprised for the price of the balloon that the animations in it were as good as they are. Me and my fiance' tried it out each animation as you can see in the picture they are pretty great. Now we did have to modify them to height well just one of them we had to adjust but now its perfect and keeps that height now. Also you should check out their store because they have alot of beautiful flowers and wedding stuff in their store. I think I will be using this for poses after me and the fiance get married for beautiful pictures of our wedding day. I love the quality of this hot air balloon as well its greatly made and takes up very few prims which always makes a plus when putting things down. So check out Charmed Creations for lots of things including beautiful flowers to make that special day even more memorable and special. I recommend shopping there and recommend the great prices when on a budget even in second life. I would say though if you have a big dress it should cover the pose balls cause they don't hide due to the size of the hot air balloon but still nicely done for the price.




Hot Air Balloon incl 3 love kiss poses - L$99

Go to the slurl below to purchase it.

Check it their store inworld 


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