Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DaeSign Tiamat & Babble Parrot Review


I received 2 animations to review from DaeSigns and I want to review each individually here. Ok so first the babble parrot is just too cute it looks so cute on my shoulder too. It can be a bit annoying to others sometimes when every time I say somethin in open chat it repeats it but doesn't bother me at all. Plus I figure its no worse than translators right repeating and all plus he squawks when he says it too which is adorable. He is so real like looking and I love that. I love that you can turn the squawking off so easily and he doesn't lag anything due to only havin one script in him. You can name him and rename him and so on as many times as you like. You can make him just a pretty bird and no noise at anytime as well which prevents annoying people and gettin told off or runnin your lover crazy hehe. He does move around a little bit on my shoulder I don't know I just love my little pet bird now he goes shoppin with me sometimes hehe guess to get a birds eye view of things.

On to the second item I reviewed which is the Tiamat I thought this was pretty awesome and couldn't wait to try it out. I was right it is so awesome it ain't funny. I can send smooches to my fiance and I can go away and it tells people I'm away and all kinds of cool stuff. It gives you a list of commands you can do which is awesome and there is quiet a few you can do. Some have the poofer effects as well as emotes and some just emotes. I can blow kisses to my baby like you see in my pictures and it leaves me and goes to him as well as same as if I say I'm in love with him it emotes in the room that I'm in love with him that my heart only beats for him then throws hearts to him. I can say he is hot and so on. My fiance thinks this is pretty neat as well but I'm totally addicted to it now and use it quiet often when I want to tell him how sexy he is or tell him I love him and such. It doesn't lag the sim like all their products are good for not doin which I love. I'm totally addicted to this store and buy so many things here. If you haven't checked out DaeSigns you should I think you will find lots of stuff all at great prices and worth every linden. Stay tuned I plan to share more of their stuff on my blog with the other stuff I bought and not part of this review but want to share with everyone how great their store is as well.




*DS* Tiamat- L$399 


*DS* Babble Parrot - L$249

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