Friday, April 19, 2013

DaeSigns Other Cool Items Review


Unlike the rest of the things that I had given to me for review from DaeSigns this is freely my own review from things I have bought from the store. I did want to share these with others still because I still find every product I have ever bought from this store to be high quality and not laggy one bit. I love the prices and I love that they have some unique things that I can dress out my avi with the animations.

My first thing to review is the Doom hud its a cool animation I use with my vampire look I even get the music to go with it to make it a bit more creepy when I come in to a location. This is a pretty awesome thing to have it shows you coming up from the ground with a pentagram underneath you how cool is that. It was easy to set up but you do have to purchase the main hud which I listed below and put it in it or it won't work. It was pretty simple following the instructions of how to place this in the hud so didn't take me much time at. Then after you have the main hud you can put different ones in it not just the doom which is pretty neat.

Onto the review on the demon wings these are by far the best wings I have seen in second life. When I decided to demon out my avi I looked and looked and looked for wings that were great quality and that looked realistic and that led me to this store. I got the combo pack due to I wanted the black and white pair and I got the grey as a bonus. Not only when put on do they look realistic but they even flair out and make you look like your flying when your up in the air. You also get a swooshing sound like your are really flapping your wings. These are so awesome and I love all the colors as well as I tried to capture in the picture the detailed work and how great of quality this really is. If your lookin for demon wings don't look any further you won't find any better.

I got the dream catcher typing animation due to I roleplay as a indian maiden sometimes and I think it looks so cool to start typing and see the dream catcher come out of nowhere and start spinning around when I talk. Now granted what I have learned with typing animations is the fact that if you AO is own it does change up a bit the animation to truly see what it was intended to look like just turn it off but most times I think it looks cooler due to havin my AO on. So if your looking for a great deal on a typing animation like this then check out DaeSigns as well as the other cool things I mentioned.



  *DS* Doom (TP-HUD add-on) - L$149


*DS* TP-HUD II - L$599

*DS* Devil Claw Wings Gem Tintable - L$499

*DS* Dreamcatcher - L$99

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 This is my honest review and facebook nor any other social networking sites are connected in any way to this review. Others may or may not agree with this review but it is 100% my own.

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