Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DaeSigns Valentine & Amore (FM box) Review


I received 2 animations to review from DaeSigns and I want to review each individually here. First off I want to start with the Valentine typing animation. I think I took plenty of pictures to show this animation is so sweet. So everytime you type this little heart appears in your hands and as you type the word love comes out from it. This is so cool and so unique I absolutely love it. The more I write the more I'm hypnotized by my own typing animation with this. It was so easy to use all I did was unbox and wear no hard interaction to do. Also my favorite part when I teleport to a new location I float up into air and hearts come around me its so cool. It doesn't seem to lag anywhere I go and it happens granted might be annoying to people but someones always doin somethin annoying right. I recommend checking this item out and at a low price how could you not afford too.

On to the Amore female and male version. I was surprised how cheap this was as well as that my fiance was willing to use this from time to time. This is such a cute way to confess your love for your lover and show others who's yours :D. Anyways setup seemed confusing at first til I read it closely sorry I was tired when I read it and was confused got a nights rest then read it again and it all made sense. It is really simple setting them up step by step and it takes about 5 minutes max. After you set it up these cute little hearts string across to your partner from you. This is so dang sweet I love now granted after awhile the hearts get annoying so we don't wear it all the time but we both still like it alot. Now when you teleport into other locations it not only links ya'll back by hearts but also has a beautiful poofer when you come in now depending on your AO whether you drop instantly to the ground like my fiance's does or you float when you come in like me. Still this is a awesome animation I love it so much.

DaeSigns has done a great job with their animations as well as their whole store. Me and my fiance' went in to spend a little lindens and walked out spendin alot more than the few things I was to review. Stay tuned I have more things to share with you about this awesome shop... And I do hope you check them out soon.

Valentine Animation

this is when you show up in a room with the valentine typing animation on


This is the Amore Female And Male Box Animation

This is the poofer that shows when you tp in together.




*DS* Valentine- L$199 


*DS* Amore (FM box) - L$299

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