Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pixel Perfect Productions ShamRawks Review


I received the Shamrawks lingerie outfit for women from Pixel Perfect Productions to review. Although I got this after St. Pattys Day this is still a super cute lingerie and in my favorite color too. Even though it was set for one holiday I fully believe things can be reused like with this without the hat and spanker it can just be a sign of your partners "Lucky" night. Anyways this is great quality made and fit me very nicely. It accents every curve and the spanker was a nice fit to give some love paddles to your partner. The hat is so cute on top although I think with or without that its still an adorable but sexy lingerie for any womans closet. I like alot of stuff they carry and their store is pretty nice as well its evened off in certain clothes your lookin for at the moment. This particular outfit though moves nicely with your body and doesn't look a bit awkward at all. It even caters to the fact that I'm a bit top heavy so to say. I love that it doesn't have to be super revealing to still be sexy in the style itself. So if your lookin for away to make your lover have a very lucky night or set for next years st. pattys day or who knows maybe your just Irish then check out Shamrawk at Pixel Perfect Productions it is at a great value in price and I recommend it I know I love it. Now off to give my lucky fella a "Lucky" night. *wink*




<P3> ShamRawks! - Mesh- L$250

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