Friday, April 26, 2013

Rosengarten Love Hearts & Swan & Water Lillies Review


I received the Lovehearts & Swan & Water Lilies to review from Rosengarten by Lilian Laville. I got the cute swans and lilies and its just too cute yet so sweet and romantic all tied into one item. Its low prims like everything else she carries so no issue with takin up much room and as far as any lag from her products like this there is none. Its great quality for a low price that you just have to go out and get you one today. Although I had no water to put this on right now I still wanted to show the item in pics it is so sweet it goes around as ya'll sit on it kissing. There is no other animation ya'll just kiss as you get carried away in romance now just add a sunset and her heart is yours.

As far as the lovehearts they are so cute so easy to use to just put it on the ground right click and sit on it then your partner great for pictures. It emits little hearts as your standing together as well. This would make a great photo right after you get married or something formal. Its well made as well as low prim too and great price how could you not get this to set the lasting effects on your special day or great for christmas pictures of you and your lover as well. Also has great animations that all their other items have in them. So check out Rosengarten for lovely items for your back yard or for special days you never want to forget.




  Lovehearts - 13 poses -2 prims - L$99


Swan & Water lilies, 1 couplekiss+6single poses- L$99


Check out their store inworld 


 This is my honest review and facebook nor any other social networking sites are connected in any way to this review. Others may or may not agree with this review but it is 100% my own.

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