Friday, April 26, 2013

Rosengarten Lover's Arch & Lover's Rose Column Review


I received the Lover's Column and Lover's Arch to review from Rosengarten by Lilian Laville. I can tell you upfront from the moment I walked into her store to pick out what I wanted to get for my house that I was blown away with such a beautiful place. If you could imagine a beautiful garden with beautiful trees and blooms well there you go then you know what you can imagine.

The column was just so cute and bein me and the fiance are lookin to get married in the future I thought this was the perfect touch for our wedding to come. It has some very sweet and sentiment poses in it that sync up greatly. Its low prim so it don't take up much space where you put it out at. I love that its not over priced like some wedding stuff are in second life. I love that it has some really cute poses in it to make great wedding pictures as well. Also there is a pose in there that if you haven't proposed yet you can with this and its so sweet cause it even gives you roses to put in your hand as you ask. You can also slow dance with probably not the best dancing animation but I don't think its bad at all. I love this column its perfect for me and my fiance. It also has the cutest lil hearts that emit from it. There is no poseballs just right click and sit and your done.

As to the arch we had decided we were gonna get married at home privately so this is perfect this is exactly what we needed. It even has poses to kiss under it so we don't have to go out and buy other pose balls for that. It also has the feature to propose under with no flowers in your hand so you better bring your own game then fellas. Anyways you can slow dance under it once you tied the knot that first dance under the beautiful arch. Again all her stuff is low prim so doesn't take up much space at all yet very lovely and great quality items. Rosengarten has alot of lovely things like this with all great quality animations as well as items in their store at a low price. Check them out I think you will love them as much as me and my fiance do.




Lover's Rose-Column with 20 couple poses - L$119


Lovers Arch of Roses - 18 poses - 1prim - L$149


Check out their store inworld 


 This is my honest review and facebook nor any other social networking sites are connected in any way to this review. Others may or may not agree with this review but it is 100% my own.

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