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Faeline Fairy Review


I received the keiko wings from Faeline Fairy to review. I want to tell ya'll about the best store in second life for wings for fairies. I have bought so many wings since bein in second life since I love fairies but nothin compares to the wings from this store. So I recently became a petite and these wings even look good on them so beautiful. These wings are so graceful looking and just breath taking. I have gotten so many compliments on my wings from so many along the way. I also wanted to include the 2 wings I also bought from this store cause I love all the wings I have and plan to buy more I eventually would like to own most of her wings. No matter the outfit you wear there is a pair of wings from this store for you. They make you look so perfect at the end of it all its the best of every outfit. I also love that you can make these wings glow or dull looking you can also hide them so you don't always have them showing. Not to mention you can set it where the sparkles come out when you fly as you will see in the picture so it looks like pixie dust within the wings when you fly. Faeline Fairy has quotes for each of their wings as well as she believes that each pair of wings make the fairy and tell alot about you she has a much deeper meaning than just here is some wings i love that. I will post some of the stories and quotes below of the wings to give you a idea but make sure to check out their store I don't think you will be sorry. Also before you buy you can demo all the wings in her store.


Faeline Fairy Wings - Stories

Youko is where it all starts. She is the keeper of the season times and source of the inspiration of all the magic that happens after. Sensitive, somewhat sober, precise and elegant, Youko controls time with amazing precision.

Chouko is the keeper of the morning hours. She flies out before sunrise setting the morning drew like tiny diamonds that shine bright in the morning light. Her wings, dainty, delicate, full of brilliant colors glide over nature in a graceful dance with nature's awakening.

Mitsuko is one of the artist fairies of the fantasy world. With her light and translucent wings she flies delicately over nature adding blue or violet petals to a flower or vibrant yellow feathers to a bird in a colorful dance that splashes her youthful personality over nature.

Masami is a healer eastern fairy. Her wings, the source of her healing magic, consume slowly as she battles with sickness and injuries to restore other fairies to health. Sombre, elegant and mystical she knows her destiny is to give her life to gain another life.

Mei is a builder, a helper. With her flowery, strong and yet beautiful wings, she flies around the fairy world building shelters for fairies and wild animals alike or helping other fairies with their jobs. Her magic, strong and powerful reflect on the shiny colors of her wings.

Moriko graciously flies over rivers and lakes with her translucent, delicate dragonfly like wings in the early hours of the morrow. She weaves her powers among water creatures and plants. Helping here, healing there healing there, she works tirelessly in a graceful dance of magic and water.

Miu, the messenger, can fly long distances thanks to bird like feathery wings. Crossing over mountains and oceans, this very uncommon fairy uses her magic to keep her missives safe and to deliver them promptly to the final destination, weaving the fantasy kingdoms into a magic world.

Misaki is a young fairy still growing, her magical powers not yet developed. She is an apprentice, for what? Nobody yet knows, only time and her developing magic will tell in the end. As a young fairy she is full of energy and vitality, playful, naughty at times and a bit awkward.

Hiroko is a tough, handle with care, fierce, warrior fairy. As chieftain of the Queen's guard her job is to keep all fairies safe and protect the fairy realm from enemies. Her powers control nature’s forces to use them as her weapons when fighting other creatures.

Shiori wings, exuberant, unconventional, with vibrant and soft colors, are this fairy's weapon, along with her magic and wisdom, to raise the newly born faeries. As is well known, each time a baby laughs for the first time a fairy is born. Then Shiori will take her and will guide her until she is mature enough to take her place in the fairy world.

Katsumi makes one wonder if there are bad fairies. Fierce looking, exotic, wild tempered and wings with poison tipped spines like a lionfish, Katsumi yields perhaps some of the strongest magic in all the fantasy world. Guardian of the magic dust that gives fairies their ability to fly she is always ready to take on those that try to steal the essence of fairies.

The Shigeko fairy is a modern, sophisticated, sweet fairy full of energy in tune with today's problems that affect nature like global warming and sea pollution. Her wings are soft, delicate and vibrant. Her job, in the fairy world, is to nourish Mother Nature back to health.

Hitomi is a rare exotic beautiful fairy connected with her inner kitty that shows on her wings. She uses her energy to be in touch with the wilderness and fiercely protect the small offspring that come into the world.

Shizuka is a young earnest priestess apprentice. Her big summertime colorful and regal wings give her a very special kind of magic that lets her communicate with mother nature, hear her needs and help other living souls be in tune with her. With time her wisdom will grow and maybe she will become a high priestess.

Akemi is an exuberant, wild, outrageous fairy full of energy that she uses to revitalize nature and those around her. Her leafy bright wings reflect her youthful spirit. Her job, in the fairy world, is to care and heal those who are injured in soul or body.

Sachiko is a winter princess fairy, regal, elegant and powerful. She cares for the creatures that roam the perpetual ice prairies of the North Pole but is also responsible for the timely coming of winter.

Natsuki fairy has peacock like wings, colorful, brilliant and proud. She is a rare flirty and sexy fairy that flies proudly exhibiting her beauty as she supervises and corrects the younger fairies work, keeping always a bright smile and loving and encouraging words for them.




Keiko (olive) - L$235

Shigeko (sapphire) - L$235

Masami (snow) - L$235


Check it their store inworld 


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  1. Totally agree, her wings are just wonderful :) I have a reseller vendor together with the Pocket Avatars in the main store and also receive some samples to try with them.

    One of the few you can make so small and still they keep their beauty. Recommended!