Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beautiful Dirty Rich Review


I received several more outfits in the names and styles of Shine on, Summer Breeze, Summer Diva, Tropica, and Tropicalia all from Beautiful Dirty Rich to review. I just love summer in so many ways and I love the styles of clothes that come out in summer they are so cheerful and colorful just like these outfits. Yes I had some favorites as well as not so favorites. So lets get started. Sadly none of the swimsuits fit me so I won't be reviewing them. They fit perfectly on the bottom half of me yet wouldn't fit up top at all. I know I'm a bustier woman but after kids it didn't help my size but it can be hard sometimes to find clothes that always fit nice especially mesh clothing which is all these are. I would say if you are not top heavy then all these outfits will fit you nicely. Some of them you have to buy the color you want but I loved that the Summer Diva had a Hud with textures in it. It was probably my favorite of all the outfits even though it wasn't as colorful as the rest I still liked it alot. These dress all fit nicely and look good on no lie there. I do like that they are affordable for anyone and work the money cause the quality is great. These will look great on anyone really and you are sure to find the colors of these outfits to suit your taste. I recommend checking out Beautiful Dirty Rich for other awesome outfits.



    *B.D.R.* Shine On -L$150

*B.D.R.* Tropica - L$150

*B.D.R.* Tropicalia
- L$150

Check it their store inworld 


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