Saturday, August 3, 2013

D&G Fashions Newest Clothes Review


I received several new outfits from D&G Fashions to review on my blog. I was so happy to get to try out these new outfits especially the Race Ya and the high stakes. They are both based off of racing and with my husband bein a bike racer thought this would flatter him alot. Whats it like to have his wife show up at the track lookin sexy in racer clothes gotta love it I know he does. As for the high stakes I had to put pasties underneath due to it shows the areola around my nipples. These are supper sexy race wear and even looks good when I'm on my bike. Nothin sexier than a racer chic or so I have been told by my husband.

As far as the Fluff outfits I like that they come in several different color choices and are just so darn cute. They have the right amount of sexy yet the right amount of cute. Not sure they are suitable outside the bedroom even though they don't show anything really due to the hose are hard to see through but if I wore it out I would put panties underneath just in case cause the skirt doesn't really cover anything more for the cutesy look. But still so cute and great quality.

As for the daddy's girl tee and panty set adorable and perfect for loungin around the home not sure how it is sexy since it says daddy's girl on it I guess if your into callin your partner daddy it fits perfect other than that I would just wear it for cute look lounged around home on the couch and stuff. Its not really too revealing it covers all the spots needed but its cute just the same. I do like it and it also looks good if you add a pair of jeans over the panties and go out somewhere just sayin.

The mad duchess corsets these are so cute sadly the only thing I don't like is I actually had to downsize my boobs due to the shape. I have never had to downsize before for any outfit so that made me not like these quiet so much. Now I'm not gonna lie I do have big breast and after 2 kids I should but still I wish the sizes would just fit even on the largest without havin to downsize. Now if this is not a issue you have to worry about then these are so darn cute and can be sexy or casual with jeans or just panties to show off to your lover. They are made great quality and love the color choices and the price isn't bad either.

The Shadow Boxer is one of my favorites as well as my husbands. He loves when I wear sexy leather and that exactly what this is. It looks so nice and sleek on. Great price for great quality and now one of my favorite outfits in my inventory and trust me I got a big inventory. So if you like the sex appeal of leather then definitely add this to your closet. Also check out other sexy and cute things at D&G Fashions I think they have something everyone will love so what are you waiting for.




D&G Race Ya W Tango Applier -L$160

Keepin checkin the online store for these to show up other than that check out their store inworld.

Check it their store inworld 


 This is my honest review and facebook nor any other social networking sites are connected in any way to this review. Others may or may not agree with this review but it is 100% my own.


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  2. I can understand your distaste on some of the outfits HOWEVER your avatars shape will likely need adjusting for mesh, in this case just make a copy of your shape and make it for blogging this way you don't have your original shape all messed up. With mesh like anything it has its faults it is still progressing so you will see changing states on Mesh, you will usually have to adjust your body parts to fit mesh. Mesh for the most part is not editable, meaning you cant adjust the size, even in creation upon uploading it you can not adjust the size of it. In some cases you can't even move it. Granted a'lot of people still prefer prim-work clothing but for now mesh is the new craze some of it we like some of it we don't but adjusting our shape is normal even in prim-work clothing as you have to wear a skirt shape to avoid a large rear-end in formal gowns and in some dresses.

  3. I am sorry but I have to disagree with your reviews on the outfits from D&G Fashions. I agree with violet you have to ADJUST yourself to fit into mesh not the other way around. You had no right on complaining about that because thats common sense about mesh. Some advice, if you are going to be a critique blogger you should inform the stores you will be blogging for as MANY of them are looking for bloggers to get there name out there in a positive way and not negative way.