Wednesday, August 28, 2013

JLZ Fashion Review


I received several things I liked from JLZ Fashion to review. I'm gonna give a run down of each thing I got but I can honestly say upfront about this store is I do like their prices they aren't gonna break your linden bank nor your pocket to get cute outfits to wear this summer or even for the holidays and such around the corner. I do believe all their products to be great quality and greatly done in bein made. I recommend this store to many people through out second life especially women. I got the Strappy Heels Shoes in Dark Red, they caught my attention cause I have alot of black shoes but not many red especially dark red so figured time to add to my closet. These look very nice on and are very classy yet also can be goth look depending on what outfit you put it with. I do like these and glad I got them they are added to my collection of great lookin shoes.

The next item is Be My Valentine Dress which is mesh but oh so cute. I know its not valentine's day but this dress has so much love to give why not wear it to that special dinner with the man you love I know I will be. Its cute, its flirty, and fits so nicely I am in love with this dress. The Holiday Outfit in Red well figured Christmas is just around the corner right so why not pick this cute little outfit up and show off my festive spirit when the time is here. I love Christmas and I love wearing Christmas things as well as decorating so this outfit will definitely be one I show off this year and it fits nice too. I love the Twist Tunic in Blue its so casual and quirky and just perfect for a casual day with the family or friends yet with a classy look just add some heels and your ready to go. You can put your favorite jeans to it or another shirt you want and mix and match yet it does look great together as well. The Sleeve Tie Shirt in Dark Red is very pretty and although it doesn't come with jeans just add it to your favorite pair and you are set with a very sexy classy style.

It is a very chic shirt and looks great on and it even comes in several colors. I also got the Burned out Tie Tee I do love this can be worn with the jacket or without and yet changes up the style of the outfit. Its so cute and looks great as casual wear or that picnic even with that special person. Its very great lookin and shows your curves off very nicely is all I can say. Last but not least the Garb by JLZ Fashion Off Shoulder Guitarist tee outfit in purple this is one of my favorite outfit its so cute and yet grunge all at the same time. Kinda punk based yet casual i don't know how to explain it I just think its adorable and cute in all the right ways and even comes in other colors but I love it in purple comes with skirt and shirt to make a cute appearance anywhere so check out their store today.




 Valentine Mesh heart Cocktail Dress -L$195





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 This is my honest review and facebook nor any other social networking sites are connected in any way to this review. Others may or may not agree with this review but it is 100% my own.

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