Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lutricias Luxuries Misaki & Porcelain Skin & Shapes Review


I got to review the Misaki skin and shape as well as the Porcelain Skins & Shape from Lutricias Luxuries. I was happy to try out the newest skin and shape that was added to the store. I'm usually not towards wearing a more oriental skin but figured their are alot who are into it so I wanted to do it justice on my blog. Everyone likes different things so why not. The skins I can honestly say are impeccable completely flawless. In my opinion too the fair was way to white cause on my windlight setting it was almost glowing hehe. Anyways they are all very lovely with a nice asian look to them. They also have have a very nice shape that comes with as well. It really does give a asian look to the perfect extinct. I have had no issues from skins from this store and love them all so far as to the fact they are not cheaply made. Also even though I don't do nude photos these also come with pubic hair that is in several styles just for the perfect look if needed.

As for the Porcelain skin and shapes these are nice as well not quiet my favorite but I do love that the shapes come in several sizes with the info marked how tall as well as cm involving the shape so you know what your getting. As for the skins I didn't see much difference in any of them except they were renamed porcelain subtle and porcelain 1 and c2 and so on. I did have to knock off my windlight cause they were just too bright of white with it on. These are as cute as the ones up above that I was talkin bout and with all the work done for you in shapes you are sure to find the size you were lookin for all along. I can honestly say whether they are somethin I would use on a regular basis or not Lutricias Luxuries knows what they are doin with skins and worth every linden you put into their store. I don't think you will be sorry whatsoever.




[DBF] Asian female skin and shape, Misaki. Modifiable shape, 4 faces, 4 skin tones with matching Lola Tango Appliers -L$1,995

[DBF] Porcelain skin and shape #1; 2 faces, 5 modifiable shapes, Lola Tango Appliers  -L$1,499


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  1. The skin you've been given consist of two faces, 1 natural and one with makeup. As for the naming of subtle, C1 and C2 is to differ the different breast options available (C1 = cleavage 1, C2 = cleavage 2).

    All have different windlight settings and therefor I provide the ones I recommend. Try the recommended windlight settings I include in the package, they give wonderful atmosphere without disturbing shadows and realistic light for most skins.