Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stars Fashion Review

I received some really nice things from Stars Fashion this time around review. I want to start with my favorite outfit first the Sexy urban girl its in red and its just cute yet so causal and more like somethin I would wear on a regular day basis. It comes with shoes to match with red on them and its jsut a great outfit made of great quality based to it. I'm sorry I'm super excited on this outfit but one of my favorites now. As for the Brown and blue nature outfits they are like your perfect outfit to stroll along the beach with your feet in the sand as water rushes upon them. I don't know maybe I'm a daydreamer but when I see these outfits thats what I see. I see takin in the last days of summer on some beach and I love the brown one best myself. They are made very well and look great on. The Country colors outfit is actually pretty cool it comes with a hud which makes changing the color of the outfits as easy as clickin a button. They give a very country feel to them like that hot day of summer when your kickin back drinkin lemonade oh yeah these are my country outfits I can't live without.

The Pink lady I really didn't think I would like this but it grew on me after I put it on. With the right accessories this dress would catch anyone's attention when you walk int he room. It shows off curves very nicely and looks great on dark skin. It even comes with shoes to match and I love that. This is a great dress to add to your party wear closet. The Red Maria love this outfit its a cute quirky little dress to wear anywhere. It looks so sweet and innocent until you get your lover alone and you show him whats underneath, show him your naughty side. I love things like this cause it shows everyone can be a lil naughty a lil nice. Very sexy lingerie too. The Marie Claire very cute earthy toned outfit perfect for any day at the park or a casual outing for shopping trips and so on. Very classy lookin though I like it. Here comes all naughty Biker queen outfit well what more should I say its leather and lace in all the right places. Stars Fashion did a great job with this outfit and if you take off the pants you have sexy little leather underwear to go with the top. It adds the right spice appeal and looks great on when sitting on that bike you have in the garage too.



*Stars*Fashion* Sexy urban girl * -L$99

 *Stars*Fashion* Biker queen - L$99

*Stars*Fashion* Brown nature  -L$99

 *Stars*Fashion* Blue nature - L$99

*Stars*Fashion* Country colors - L$99

*Stars*Fashion* Marie Claire - L$99

*Stars*Fashion* Pink lady - L$99

*Stars*Fashion* Red Maria - L$99

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