Tuesday, August 27, 2013

::ZED:: Designz For Women Review 2


I received some more outfits from  ZED Designz to review. I love this store so much so far so many nice and cute and even sexy things to own. Its is definitely a girls dream hehe oh and of course guys too but we all know guys don't love shopping like women. Anyways I got some sexy things this time and couldn't wait to try them out. First off the G-string Yours panty well I thought these were not only straight to the point for my husband but also majorly sexy. They are resizeable although I never had to they fit me perfect right off the bat. I figured after adding some pasties this set off the great atmosphere I was looking for to entice my husband. They also have different panties with different sayins on them to I just know I tell my husband all the time I'm all his body and soul and heart so thought it fit best for me.

The PJ's I got the Angel ones are just too cute and one of my favorite colors too yay for purple. I'm no angel that's for sure but shhh no one needs to know that. With these cute but great quality pjs I can be fully covered and look innocent to those who don't know my bad streak. The Let Me Love You Pj's are also very cute and would be so perfect for like valentine's day just to tell that special person how much you care. These fit nicely just as nice as the angel pjs and so great in price you might want to snatch up several of these like I did.

The dark green glamour sexy lingerie was one of my favorite things I got. I love green especially this color of green and seriously it seems to be hard to find alot of green things in second life that are nice thanks to this great store yay I got green stuff and sexy at that. So This is sure to catch any lovers attention I know I feel sexier with it on. Its made nicely with great detail and yet doesn't cost a arm and a leg to buy. Its a great quality lingerie and is now added to one of my most favorite ones to wear in my closet, also doesn't hurt my husband loves it. :)

Onto my favorite of all in this review the bunny outfits seriously anyone who knows me and my husband knows im his bunnie and he is my bunny, well technically more to it but I'm not tellin :p. Anyways so this was so cute and so perfect to wear and get his attention in. Whether I want to be a good bunny I wear the white pure bunny but then when I want to be a bad bunny well you get the picture. Anyways great quality and the cute little tail in the back well that makes it even cuter. I really think ZED Designz outdid themselves with these so no matter what the use they are still adorable. So check out their store today for these things as well as other nice items.




  ::ZED:: Blossom - Twin Pack -L$95

 Dark Bunny Mesh Lingerie Set   -L$199


Pure Bunny Mesh Lingerie Set - L$199
 Mesh G - String, Yours (RE SIZE)- L$110

Glamour - Dark Green- L$89

Mesh PJ's - Angel - L$149


 Mesh PJ's - Let Me Love you- L$149

Check it their store inworld 


 This is my honest review and facebook nor any other social networking sites are connected in any way to this review. Others may or may not agree with this review but it is 100% my own.

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