Wednesday, August 21, 2013

::ZED:: Designz For Women Review


I got a number of things from ZED Designz to review and just can't wait to tell you about this awesome store I got a chance to work with. First off wow is there store big I almost got myself lost lookin at all the nice things in the shop but found alot of things I wanted at the same time. So the first review is on the things I found below. Ok so that bite me jacket this is a must have for any vampire with a attitude, like myself. Indulge in the part of the darkness and own this jacket I promise all your vampire buddies will want one too. Its made with great quality and looks good with or without a shirt underneath it. Now add some blood down the front of your body as if you just fed and well you have a bonifide vampire that you don't want to mess with. A vampire that can look cool with this jacket yet feed at the same time... hehe. Anyways great jacket that I love.

The dragonfly necklace is so cute and comes in several colors I just thought the white and black would go with more outfits. You can resize it which is great so that way it fits everyone. Its great quality put into every part of it you can even tell that in the detail it actually looks like a dragon fly. I love dragon flies so this was a must have in my book and I think anyone who loves dragon flies should have one especially since the price is so nice as well. The mesh crystal necklace set well this is very nice as well also comes in several colors so will match any of your very nice dresses in your closet. I do love how these look on so pretty and great quality and although you can't modify the set I can honestly say I never needed to. I love the texture of blue it caught my eye the moment I saw it.

Now on to the eyes these are so pretty in the picture so I was really hoping they looked as nice on and I have to say I think they are even prettier. The reason I say this is cause have you ever seen someones eyes so crystal looking almost like a pretty glass with a mirror effect? Well these give you that exact look like a mirror lookin back at you. 

Anyways the irony in that sorry had to but these are such cool looking eyes and they come in several colors as well so check them out. The other thing I love is the little bracelet with lips and lipstick on is just so cute and it comes with matching lipstick which is very pretty color and is simple to put on. It is a very unique bracelet that I love. Also make sure to check out other things that ZED Designz has to offer there is somethin for everyone and look forward to more reviews coming about this store and what I love that they sell.





Bite Me Mesh Leather Jacket, Black- L$239

  Kissable Bracelet & Lipstick, Red -L$120

  Eyes for WOMEN - Green   - L$99

 Eyes for WOMEN - Blue- L$99

Crystal Mesh Necklace & Earrings, Blue - L$129

Dragonfly choker, black/white - L$99

Check it their store inworld 


 This is my honest review and facebook nor any other social networking sites are connected in any way to this review. Others may or may not agree with this review but it is 100% my own.

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