Tuesday, August 27, 2013

::ZED:: For Women Review 3


I got some more outfits from  ZED Designz to review. The outfits are all listed below but I'm gonna review these all in one big review instead of breaking down since their is so many in this review. The jeans I got from here the packs were such a great value and not over priced yet they are some of my favorite jeans that I have in second life now. I have always hated most jeans in second life cause they ain't anything like what I would wear in real life but not the ones from this store I would so wear these. They look so real life and they are great quality and come in different designs on them.

The shirts are so adorable and look good with any outfit for a classy or casual look. They are made great quality and fit well no matter your shape. They look really good with the jeans bought from here too. They give you a very sassy look in all the styles and this is just a few of my favorites they have so many more in store that you are sure to find the right one for you. They have alot of casual wear like the shorts and shirt I got or even wear a big geek shirt around the house show off your geek love. I have a great husband who is a geek as well as I'm one myself so this fits perfect for us. Then there is the naughty side of things and you can get the spiked bra and panties grabs attention from your lover for sure. Not like it stays on long enough to know if it would hurt with the spikes and all hehe.

I love all these outfits and stuff I got and recommend a thousand times over ZED Designz for just about anything. Its like a one stop shop take your guy with you both ya'll can shop together in one store. You can get lingerie, sexy stuff, casual, eyes, jewelry and more so check them out today and see what the hype is about.




Stars & Thorns (Fat Pack) -L$250

 Grunge Baggy Mesh Jeans, Light Blue -L$169


Grunge Baggy Mesh Jeans, Black - L$169

 Laters Baby Tank, Black - L$129

Laters Baby Shorts, Black - L$149

GEEK Mesh Jersey Top Black- L$149

La Lola Lishis Spiked Bra top, Black - L$169

La Lola Lishis Hot Pants, Black- L$129

360 top, Red- L$119

Flaming Heart (Fat Pack)- L$250

Tasha (MESH)- L$200

Lusty Mesh Top, Purple - L$129

Check it their store inworld 


 This is my honest review and facebook nor any other social networking sites are connected in any way to this review. Others may or may not agree with this review but it is 100% my own.

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