Tuesday, August 27, 2013

::ZED:: For Women Shoe Review


I received some shoes this time around from ZED Designz to review. Well I'm just like any other woman out there really what woman can have too many shoes. Why not have a pair for each outfit and then some. But we all know we all still have our favorite shoes of all. Well I'm happy to say that with this great store I found another pair that has become one of my top favorites. Thats the silverback plain heel so sleek so sexy and looks good with jeans or a classy dress and it matches well with anything. Its great quality and now I just can't see my second life without them. The spiked heels I got them in white and black cause you never know when you might need either color the most. I like the style and it looks good with sexy leather lingerie or biker wear for sure. These are greatly made and worth the lindens for them. These are definitely a great party shoe to set off any outfit. Last but not least hi tops these are some pretty sweet lookin shoes. I love sneakers but sadly second life doesn't carry alot of them especially that i like but I love that the hud is easy to use to change the laces and these come in several colors in their store too. These are a great set of sneakers for sure so check out ZED Designz for these great quality shoes as well as for other great items at a great price.



 Glitz Mesh Hi-Tops, SILVER -L$289


Check it their store inworld 


 This is my honest review and facebook nor any other social networking sites are connected in any way to this review. Others may or may not agree with this review but it is 100% my own.

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