Monday, September 9, 2013

[ L I F E ] Hud System Review

I got to review the [ L I F E ] Hud and the systems and uses to see how it works. First off I'm a major Sims 2 freak and was one of the reasons I joined second life cause it was as close as I could get to Sims online with the interactions I was lookin for. Sadly Second Life never had the way of eating and sleeping and so on like sims so I had to learn to miss them. Then last year me and my husband got to play in the west and they had where you had to drink and eat on their hud only and we were sold we wanted that life style we wanted our roleplaying to be more real. Well you can bet I was tickled pink when I found out about [ L I F E ] and that it was so close to what you have in sims so much better than anything I could have imagined in second life. I just knew all I could think about was messing with this hud, with playing with the hud and just bein all wrapped up in the whole system.

The great thing is the hud isn't outrageous like alot of huds are as well as none of their stuff is all that expensive either. They really have but their customers first and made it easier for people to own. Plus with their group tag on you can save money when buying with a discount on their stores. I like the selection of beds, and even bathroom sets to fit everyone's decor or you can just buy a script and put in your own set at home. I did a little of both I mean I got the pillows for my bed to sleep on, I have the full bathroom set but I put the script in my own fridge. I still plan on buyin a computer just haven't yet but they have some really nice things in their stores. I love the grocery shopping part now me and the husband can go grocery shoppin together. If you have the fridge all you do is load it up with the foods you buy and place them in the fridge and then set to anyone, group, or put people on a white list so only few can get from the fridge. It is so cool so now I can stock the fridge for my family to come home to.

It really is a neat system and the bars don't go down real fast it takes awhile I usually only have to do stuff once a day to them maybe twice as far as drinkin and so on. But again I pause my game when I step away from the computer and such. Thats another great thing if you need to leave or what not you can pause the hud and do whatever without your stuff dropping isn't that cool. Also the hud is customizable you can change its color to fit you as well as they come with several sizes in the box when you get it. Everything works so simple with this hud and I recommend any sims lovers or people who just want the more realism in their roleplay to check out the [ L I F E ] store today and get your very own hud. Oh and I almost forgot they even give you gifts with each level you acheive jsut by takin care of yourself hows that for coolness.

The Hud (customizable I changed the color on mine)
 This is the menu you get after clickin the mechanic symbol in bottom left corner that way if you can't understand the HUD you will know your percentages here)
this is at the main store but you see how the grocery store is set up its so neat with real foods to buy
I used my own fridge and just added the script inside of it

wanted to show the difference of the pillows on the bed to sleep by it actually looks well on most beds and then your ready to sleep

give you a shot of my bathroom where all the stuff is [ L I F E ] based around



[ L I F E ] HUD -- The Ultimate SIMs HUD for Second Life -L$495

Check it their store inworld 


 This is my honest review and facebook nor any other social networking sites are connected in any way to this review. Others may or may not agree with this review but it is 100% my own.

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