Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beautiful Dirty Rich Just In Time For Halloween Review


I received the following outfits from Beautiful Dirty Rich to review just in time for Halloween. So whether you have your costume for Halloween or not why not add another one to the mic I know this year I have too many favorite costumes to choose so I wear several different ones through this week right on into Halloween. These outfits are so dang cute and I love them for all different reasons. Like I didn't Have enough costumes yet now I got more. You also can't beat this ladies they are not extremely expensive you can't beat that cause most costumes in second life are real expensive especially with a day to go before Halloween. There is the rush to buy a costume before every Halloween party that hits second life tomorrow night. So why disappoint check out these great costumes and get your favorite or buy them all. They are all great quality and sexy as they can be at the same time. I haven't been disappointed yet by this great shop they have so many sexy and nice things it keeps me coming back over and over again. So why not be a Beautiful Dirty Rich groupie like myself and get your outfits at great prices for great quality. Also sorry my tinkerbell is brunette but um I own no blonde hairs that look good at all so yeah tinkerbell colored her hair with pixie dust.. hehe. Anyways come on by the store and buy to you hearts content.



*B.D.R.* Candy Corn Witch / Complete Costume -L$120

 *B.D.R.* Chasing Gardens (Lady Bee & Ladybug Set) / 2 Complete Costumes / Appliers Included   -L$200

 *B.D.R.* Halloween Time! / Complete Outfit / Appliers Included - L$100

*B.D.R.* On The Take / 2 Complete Costumes / Appliers Included - L$150

*B.D.R.* Tinker Bell / Complete Costume / Appliers Included - L$150

*B.D.R.* Under My Spell / Complete Costume / Appliers Included - L$150

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