Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Stars Fashion Complete Avatar Review

I received these complete avatars from Stars Fashion to review. I'm normally pretty picky on skins and shapes and although I stick with my normal one I still like trying out new ones cause I use them for certain things along the way. Because I do use some of the best in second life I can tell a major difference in low quality shapes and skins compared to topper quality. I was blown away by the fact these are so nice and greatly done. For anyone just starting out this would be perfect cause they won't cost you too much but I'm sure you will love these so much you will probably never change after. I just wish when I started second life I had known about this great store fro the clothes and shapes and skins and such are all great quality for the price. I checked the skin in every way when I put them on to see any flaws and truthfully I couldn't find any they are impeccable and nice looking. If your lookin for a different look at the drop of the hat yet don't want to pay a couple thousand in lindens then look no further cause you get the quality and look at the fraction of that price. Stars Fashion is a must have landmark kinda store you really should check out all the great deals they have in everything they sell. I doubt you will be disappointed I know so far I am not by anything I have gotten from them.



*Stars*Fashion* Carmelia complete avatar With Skins, Shape, Eyelashes, Eyeshadows and Eyes -L$99

  PROMO *Stars*Fashion* Marielle complete avatar With Skins, Shape, Eyelashes, Eyeshadows and Eyes. - L$99

Check it their store inworld 


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