Monday, July 29, 2013

Lutricias Luxuries Review


I received several things from Lutricias Luxuries to review and I can't wait to tell you about it. First off I want to tell you about the skins all of their skins are high quality and look great on as you can see in the pics below. I'm wearing my own shape so if you want more of whats in the pics you will want to buy the skins with the shapes in them. As for I have gotten into loving the darker complexions these days and I loved theirs as much as the one I wear alot. They are very realistic looking with your clothes off as well and no tan lines or anything which I find great I love the natural skin tone all the way over my body not two toned and all. These skins are worth what you pay and the fact that you get 5 in the packs makes it even better cause trust me I have spent more than what these cost for just one skin many times so bein able to change up is really nice.

As for the shoes I got I love the skull heels they are so cute and the boots the ankle and the tall are very nice looking too. They aren't my favorite boots but they look nice with the right outfit. They are a older model shoe the owner even told me that cause she made them awhile back but they are still very nice work to them. Of course like I said the skull shoes are my favorite there. These are all very nice things as for the store has alot more nice things as well. I do love alot of the skins and like I said great quality for great prices from Lutricias Luxuries so check their store out for yourself I promise you won't be disappointed. 




DBF Exquisite skin collection Tutti Frutti #3, 5 skin tones, Lolas -L$1,499

 DBF Exquisite skin collection Raven #6, 5 skin tones, Lolas  -L$1,499


Exquisite skin collection + Lolas appliers (Tan #05) - L$1,499

L's Chunky Latex Heels (sculpted) Skull Bones Studs Razorblades Walk ao/sound tagGoth tagVampire - L$249

 L's Allure - Onyx - high heel mesh boot - L$499

L's Allure, Onyx, high heel ankle boot in mesh - L$399

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 This is my honest review and facebook nor any other social networking sites are connected in any way to this review. Others may or may not agree with this review but it is 100% my own.

M&M Style New Clothing Review


I received several outfits from M&M Style to review. I had recently ran across this store and saw some really nice things and couldn't wait to check them out. I love that this store has some casual based clothes yet also more evening wear yet still casual enough to wear everyday then there is just your plain lounge around clothes I love that kinda diversity. I like makin one stop at a store and knowin I can get several types of outfits in one place. I have no complaints on any of the outfits I recently reviewed they are all made very well and quality is great and fits well just some I like more than others.

I love the marina mesh 2 dresses that there are several looks and colors to it as well as how nice it fits to be mesh I love that. These can be elegant enough to go out on a nice date but also casual enough to wear everyday and still look so nice and classy while you do your normal routines. The Mrf22 dress I don't like the colors or the pattern myself to eaches on its a nice styled dress just not my thing. The viank I really didn't think I'd like it but I do love its cute and casual the only issue I have is the collar no matter how you fit it seems to go into your body or into your chin cause you can resize but you can't stretch to make shorter. The nuria outfits come in nice colors and a great work out outfit but I just don't like how they look like the pants are gonna fall off your butt and look too baggy. Again this is not a quality based this is just not my taste. I love both Jamie mesh outfits so cute and so casual and come in nice textures as well. The freya outfit well to me its too close to Lady Gaga wear and not my thing at all nice imagination in the making though. The ballie I think is a outfit a woman who professional could wear in business it has just the right class appeal to it for that. The belle dress looks too old timey lookin once its on and I couldn't get the sizes that I needed to wear right without seeming like it was too baggy not my favorite at all. Make sure to check out M&M Style they have alot of nice new outfits and such so whatcha waitin for.

sorry this is the marina not belle









   M&M DRESS MFR22 - L$99


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 This is my honest review and facebook nor any other social networking sites are connected in any way to this review. Others may or may not agree with this review but it is 100% my own.

Stars Fashion Newest Outfits Review


I was happy to get to review some of Stars Fashion new apparel and couldn't wait to try them on and tell yall about them. So lets start with a more elegant start with the Sophie dresses that come in pink and red. I loved the red one most and it fits so nice on and looks sexy and classy at the same time. The pink I don't know seemed to make me look fat but I think that's just me bein a woman cause they are both made exactly the same jsut different color. They are mesh and I'm not the biggest fan of mesh but these fit really nice even though I'm a bit top heavy. Onto the next outfit up for review and thats the dark city and blue city. These are adorable and great for anywhere you go or even a school girl look. They are made with great quality as well and I just love the color choices kinda like good and bad girl :). The marina outfit is probably my least favorite that doesn't mean its not a great quality outfit it just means its not my cup of tea itself. This outfit is part mesh and part not but even with that it would be great for a workout feel I think more than everyday to eaches on though. 

The sneakers well I love them it has been so hard to find sneakers that I like in second life due to everything is high heels and sometimes I would like to be more realistic and just be able to lounge with tennis shoes on and lounging baggy clothes. Thanks to Stars Fashion I get several different colors now and I love them they fit great. The new rainbow outfit has a mexican feel to it but I love the colors its so beautiful on especially a darker complexion. It has a nice skirt that is full and pretty in any light. As for the Sahanna it has a more indian feel like native american to me and I love that this is probably my 2nd favorite outfit from Stars Fashion. Both dresses made very good quality and just look so pretty on and it has gotten me compliments the Sahanna that is. Also for a causal day the shorts lady outfits in lilac and pink are so cute not exact my favorite but not bad and great quality. As you can see Stars Fashion has alot of nice cute outfits and I think out of these outfits I have 3 main favorites but only the one I don't like and that's just cause its not my taste nothin more cause all their clothes and accessories are great quality so check them out for yourself.



*Stars*Fashion* Blue city -L$99

*Stars*Fashion* Dark city   -L$99

Marina White or Pink - L$99 each

*Stars*Fashion* New rainbow- L$99

 *Stars*Fashion* Sahanna * - L$99

 *Stars*Fashion* Sneakers pack - L$99

 Sophie Pink or Red - L$99 each

 *Stars*Fashion* Shorts lady - L$99

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 This is my honest review and facebook nor any other social networking sites are connected in any way to this review. Others may or may not agree with this review but it is 100% my own.