.Hello, I'm Emerald although alot of people call me Eme or just Em. I have been living in second life for a little over a year now almost 2 come October. I have a great life their I have an amazing fiance' and great friends. I like to tell people about awesome things I find in second life stores so I figure why not share through words to others so here I am.

REAL LIFE: I'm a full time review blogger for companies been doin so for 3 years. I;m also a graphic designer and own my own business doin so. My real life does stay in real life though although a few things about me that are posted on my profile...

☑fall too fast 
☑crash too hard 
☑care too much 
☑forgive to easy 
☑wait too long 
☑miss people I shouldn't 
☑worry over nothing 
☑over think everything 
☑Can be a bit complicated 
☑over emotional 
☑cry in every sad movie 
☑can be pretty dorky 
☑laugh about anything 
☑cry over everything 
☑love simple moments 
☑walking on the beach 
☑dancing in the rain 
☑screaming i love you outloud 
☑hopeless romantic 
☑thinks little things matter most 
But I have the greatest people in my life that accept me