Review Policy

.I have pretty set rules in how I review items on my blog. Although I am new to blogging in second life in real life it is what I do and have been blogging real life reviews for over 3 years. I do know what I am doin and due to my life with real companies I work the same in my reviews for second life. I offer honest reviews for any item of my choice in your shop. Which means of either gift cards to your shop or a set amount for items in your shop are fine as long as they are my choice of what I review. I do this for several factors one most reason being for me to give you a honest review it has to be something I would use or wear or whatever. However if you have a specific product coming out that you really want advertised or your policy is only new releases just let me know and maybe we can work something out there. I do have 2 others who will be helping me in some modeling of items for my blog. (men that is)

I try to be fare so feel free to talk to me openly. I think bloggers and companies/stores can work great together and bring out the best in each other. I would love to help more than anything as well as help me in the process with nice things I can use. I do review more than just clothes so just about anything you can offer I would love to review. I do however have the issue I will not on any circumstance get naked for anyone so if your outfit is nude or completely naked I refuse to do it. If you want me to change my skin and show what it looks like nude I won't do it. If you have animations stuff with sex poses in it I will talk about it I will show pics of any other things it does but I won't have sex on them then post it on here. I consider myself classier than that. I never change my shape I'm a proud mommy and I love how my shape is.

I do have a fiancee' so whatever he can use as well I will review through this blog. I take professional pics as for that is also what I do on the side is photography. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. The payment for reviews can be one of three ways taken in consideration. I will take the item/product for review, I will take gift cards to your store for review and I will take lindens for a review. You let me know which way you would like to work out the review situation. Send notecard in world just in case my messages are capped. I post all reviews to facebook, google plus, and twitter for extra bonus in people seeing them as I go along.

Emerald Raven